2 Leg Exercises for Women OTHER THAN the Squat

If you have read anything on this site, then you know we are huge fans of the squat. It;s about as good a move as there is for your butt and thighs. However, variety really is the spice of life, and you might be getting tired of doing the same move over and over. Besides, we all know it’s necessary to change things up on your body, so that your muscles don’t get too used to what’s going on. And let’s face it, some people have trouble doing squats due to bad knees (although 9 times out of 10 those people are going too deep into their squats).

All that being said, here are some leg exercise for women looking to do something other than squats today!


If knees are the issue, this move probably won’t help your problem. However, lunges are another great booty blasting exercise. There are also lots of variations, just like with the squat. Do them with body weight alone, or pick up those dumbbells and really give your buns a burn. Checkout the basic lunge tutorial below for help with form.

Step ups

Step ups are often thought of as cardio exercises. This isn’t altogether untrue. The fact is that you can turn step ups into a great aerobic workout (just take a look back at all those 80’s exercise videos). However, a well-kept secret is that step ups can be great strength movies as well.

  • Go for higher step ups to lift your butt. For example, use a stable chair and do a set of 20 step ups. Go slow and use good form. You’ll feel it in your butt the next day.
  • Use dumbbells. Adding resistance will break down the muscles. And breaking down muscle equals fat loss and muscle growth.
  • It’s like running or walking up hill. Everyone knows the strength gaining benefits of inclined walking. Step ups mimic the movement.

Here is a great step up tutorial for you. Don’t be afraid to go heavy.

What other leg workouts do you do besides squats?

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