3 Things You’ll Love About Focus T25

It’s been out for a while now, but maybe you haven’t gotten around to checking it out. If that’s the case, there are definitely a few things you will love about it. Granted, programs like T25 have their drawbacks–they aren’t the end all, be all for every goal. However, if you are looking to burn calories and lose some fat, while increasing your cardiovascular conditioning, you might want to give this a shot.

The 3 Best Things About Focus T25


1. It Really Is Only 25 Minutes a Day.

It’s not a gimick. You’re going to be working out 25 minutes a day, no more no less. Yes, you can add a little stretching at the end if you like, but even that won’t put you over 30 minutes tops. That said, it really is the ideal cardio plan for someone with an exceptionally busy schedule.

2. They Include Modified Exercises for People of Lower Fitness Levels.

Let’s face it. Insanity was next to impossible if you weren’t already in at least decent shape. Power jumps and all that. GOOD GOD. That being said, it seems like Shaun T and the gang listened to the complaints and changed things up. Focus T25 is intense, but the have a girl on the videos doing modified exercises to give you ideas of how you can get through and modify for your level. Not only does it help you know what to do, but it helps you to feel okay with the fact that not everyone can do the entire workout as it stands the first time around.

3. Shaun T is More Positive and Motivational Than Ever.

No matter how down you may be about yourself before beginning, by the end of the workout Shaun T will have you believing you can conquer the whole dang thing. He is the best coach there is, hands down.

Have you tried Focus T25? If so, let us hear about it in the replies!

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