4 Questions About How Sleep Affects Your Fitness (And Answers!)

sleep affects fitnessYou know you need to workout. You know you need to get your diet in check. Truth is, most of us know that, whether we follow it or not. However, there’s a 3rd ingredient to being fit that many of us fail to consider. That ingredient is sleep. 

That said, here’s a quick sleep FAQ to help you out.

1. Can Lack of Sleep Slow Muscle Growth?

Contrary to popular belief, your muscles don’t grow in the gym. That’s where you tear them apart and break them down. Your muscles actually grow during recovery time. And what’s the best recovery time? Well, it’s that 6-8 hours you are supposed to be sleeping.


2. How Does Sleep Affect Workouts?

To reach your goals, be they muscle gain or fat burning, you need to be able to push yourself to the brink. However, you simply can’t achieve that high intensity without proper rest.

3. Can Lack of Sleep Affect Diet?

Lack of sleep can mess with your hunger hormones, getting them all out of whack. The result? An increased appetite during the day.

4. How Much Sleep Do You Need?

The average woman needs between 6-8 hours of sleep ever night. The closer you can get to 8 the better. Use a fitness tracker to monitor how much sleep you’re getting so you can make sure you’re recovering properly.

Are you getting enough sleep? If not, try and block some time to catchup. Let us know how it affects your workouts!

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