Should You Drink Coffee before a Workout?


coffee before workoutIf you’re like me, I’m either working out immediately after waking up, or right when I get home from work. Whichever the case, neither is a time when I’m particularly full of energy, which is why I drink coffee before a workout.

That said, I’m almost always looking for something to give me a boost prior to my workout.

Yes, usually I’ll eat a snack like a banana or down a whey protein shake for women to get some quick release protein, but none of that seems to do to give me that energy burst I need.

Recently I was looking through tweets on my Twitter account, and I saw someone I follow complaining that PWOs don’t work for her. My response?


I Sometimes Drink Coffee Before a Workout to Replace a PWO

After some careful research, the experts seem to support the idea that coffee can be a good pre-workout for women because they say:


  • Coffee can wake you up. Studies show that even the smell of coffee can help you get out of bed. And quite frankly, I can’t seem to get moving without it. I’m a zombie until the bottom of cup #1.
  • Coffee can increase your endurance. According to a study detailed in this New York Times article, caffeine will help you add reps. Subjects of the study who didn’t receive a caffeine boost reached the point of exhaustion quicker. And especially if you’re doing an intense workout like Insanity (which is my current reason for needing coffee before a workout), you need that extra boost to squeeze out a few more.
  • Coffee will give you speed. The same NY Times article talks about another study showing how coffee helped sports participants run faster sprints…seems like they’d know if coffee before a workout was a good idea.

Bottom line, there are definitely benefits to adding coffee before a workout. However, like anything else, you don’t want to overdo it. One cup should be adequate. And make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. In fact, you should probably down a glass of water before you even start with the coffee.

Do you drink coffee before a workout? Tell us why in the replies!

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