Assault Bike Review for Women & Bonus Air Bike Workout for Women

Right now, having high quality home workout equipment is more important than ever. With gyms all over the world closed up, it’s crucial that you have what you need to get a good workout in. An airbike is perfect for the current need – they don’t take up a lot of room and they give you a killer full body workout. And when it comes to air bikes, there’s none better known than the Assault AirBike. So read all about it in our Assault Bike review by women, for women.

What is an Assault Bike?

The Assault AirBike is different than road bikes or indoor bicycles. That’s because instead of a wheel, it has a giant fan in front. The fan generates insane amounts of wind resistance as you pedal. In fact, the harder you peddle, the harder it gets, On top of that, the handles move back and forth in sync with the pedals. So you’re also pushing and pulling as you pedal, meaning that your upper body is getting a balanced workout too.

It’s kind of like mixing an elliptical with an exercise bike. Sort of.

Between pedaling and pushing and pulling as you go, the Assault Bike gives you a workout like no other. It’s why so many people have a love/hate relationship with the bike. The harder you can work, the harder the workout gets.

You simply can’t beat it.

Below we will go into the pros and cons of the bike in our Assault AirBike review.


Assault AirBike Review: The Pros

What makes an Assault AirBike different that a regular exercise bike? Well, a lot, actually. A normal exercise bike is essentially just a bike stuck to the floor. It gives you a cardio workout while working your legs a bit – namely your calves.

However, an AirBike gives you a full-body, absolutely brutal workout. Every time I use it, the data from my fitness tracker is off the charts.

The fact is, you just can’t help get a badass workout on this bike. There’s no coasting. No just putting in the time. That’s largely due to the 25 inch steel fan that provides you with extreme resistance. You have to work to get it going, but the more you work, the harder it gets, all in proportion.

The Assault AirBike also includes:

  • A monitor to track progress – The monitor tracks workout time, distance traveled, pedal speed, calories burned, heartrate, and watts of energy produced.
  • Measuring of workout intervals – Set workout goals and track as you go. perfect for Tabata/HIIT workouts.
  • Steel construction – While other bikes have lots of plastic parts, this steel-built AirBike is going to last the long haul.
  • Adjustable seat – The seat adjusts in six directions, ensuring you can get the right fit and position.
  • Wheels – While it’s nice and sturdy, the small wheels on the front make the Assault AirBike easy to move when necessary to clear space.


Assault Bike Review: The Cons

Honestly, we’re hard pressed to find any cons. However, if we absolutely must, here’s what we’d say:

  • Price – Look, it’s not cheap. Yes, there are cheaper AirBikes on the market. but that said, it’s still under $1000. So you aren’t paying Peloton prices here. Having said that, you get what you pay for. This bike is built like a tank – it’s going to last the long haul.
  • The chains – While we haven’t seen this occur, some reviews do complain about the chain wearing down or falling off.
  • Grips – The handle bar grips aren’t odor-neutralizing. What does that mean? They’re going to soak up the funk you leave behind. So we’d recommend cleaning and sanitizing well.



Is the Assault AirBike a Good Tool for Women?

Absolutely. The Assault AirBike is a CrossFit staple. And did you know that 60% of CrossFitters are women? That’s a whole lot of women using Assault bikes. And of course, that’s not counting those in other types of gyms or those using them at home.

The fact is that the Assault Bike gives a fantastic full body workout, as well as an intense cardio workout. This allows you to burn fat and chisel muscle all over. And it doesn’t matter how strong you are – what you put in is what you get out of it. Woman or man – doesn’t matter!

However, it’s probably worth noting that the nickname for this bike is the “Ass Bike.” So if you’re looking to work on yours, well, time to get to work on the AirBike!


Think you might be ready to take the plunge and commit to getting a brutal workout in your own home? Check out the Assault AirBike on Amazon here now!

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Bonus Quick Assault AirBike Workout for Women

Decided on an Assault Bike? Then check out this sample Assault AirBike workout for women!

Warm Up: Before getting on your Assault Bike, we recommend warming up to get blood flowing and loosen up your joints and muscles. We recommend doing 2-3 sets of downward dog to cobra, high knee run in place, and butt kicker runs.

The Workout: The workout is easy to follow, but certainly not easy to do! You’re going to ride all out as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then take a 10 second break. Repeat 8 times. Careful getting off the bike – this tabata style workout isn’t very long, but if you do it right, you’ll feel completely wiped out at the end! Can’t make it through? Try increasing your rest intervals to match your sprint intervals to start.

As always, make sure you consult a doctor before beginning any workout regiment!