Upper Body Workouts for Women at Home

upper body workout for women

Don’t fall victim to the idea of just focusing your workout to your lower half. The fact is that to be healthy and strong, you need to make sure you are working out the whole body – upper, lower, and core. With that in mind, checkout our guide to the upper body workout for women.

In this guide, we focus on some easy exercises you can do at home to focus on your upper body. Then, we take a look at the 21-Day Fix, a workout plan you can stream free on Beachbody on Demand for two weeks. The Upper Fix video is a killer upper body workouts at home specifically for women. Learn more in our guide below!


Benefits of an Upper Body Workout for Women  

  • Balance out your body–Most of us tend to get bigger in the lower half. Consequently, we focus our workouts down there. However, we need to balance things out, as balance is key to overall health.
  • Make everyday tasks more simple–Every day we are bending and lifting. Have a baby? You really know what I mean. A stronger upper body makes everyday life easier.
  • It’s great for your posture–Failing to work your upper back can leave your back rounded, shoulders pulling forward, and all around looking like a turtle. But working those upper body muscles can straighten out your posture. The result? Look and feel more confident.
  • Lift your breasts–Did you know you could do certain chest exercises that can actually lift your breasts? By building the pecs underneath, you can push things up a bit.

Want to look and feel better? Don’t skip the upper body workouts!


2 Effective Upper Body Exercises for Women

So you know you need to train your upper body, but you don’t want to pump iron in the weight room. What exercises are best suited for you? What would an effective upper body workout for women look like?

push up

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are about as good as it gets for a variety of reasons.

  • They work multiple upper body muscles. Arms, chest, and shoulders. All at once!
  • Even the weakest of us can do them! Can’t do a regular push-up? Just get on your knees. Still too hard? Start upright leaning against the wall.
  • Your core get’s worked too. When you’re up in the push-up position, you’re holding yourself in a high plank. And you can’t do that without squeezing those abs.

Start with 3-4 sets of 10-15.



2. Pull-ups

Don’t forget your back! Remember, the key is to develop a balanced body. So opt for another tried and true body weight based exercise–the pull-up. If you thought only guys did them, well, think again. A lot of the same benefits associated with push-ups apply here. The movement works multiple major muscles (middle back, lats, forearms, and biceps). You also have to tense that core. And to get more of a burn in your belly, you can try pull-ups with your legs lifted forward in the form of an L. In fact, there are countless variations of this exercise to keep those muscles guessing.

Can’t do a pull-up? Don’t let that stop you. Go to the gym and get on the machine that assists you. Slowly wean down on the assistance as you get stronger. There are also bands you can buy to use at home.

Reps? As many as you can do. Repeat twice.


Sets and Reps for Your Upper Body Workouts for Women

For the exercises above, I gave ranges for number of sets and number of reps. Why didn’t I nail down a specific number for you? Well, if you stick to the same number of sets and reps each workout, your body is going to get used to it. In fact, the same goes for doing the same exercises each time.

The key is to mix things up. Yes you need a plan to successfully tone, but within that structure you need to change it up. Your body is really smart. It actually learns as you workout and finds way to cheat a little here and there. But when you mix up your exercises, your muscles can’t get used to what’s going on. The result? They work as hard as you want them to–every single time.


Streaming Upper Body Workouts for Women

21 day fix extreme

One of the best ways to get a good workout from home is to stream a workout. And what’s our favorite way of streaming workouts here at WFHQ? Beachbody On Demand. Specifically for upper body workout for women, we recommend the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. Both are great total body workout programs specifically designed for women. And there are two killer upper body-specific workouts included: Upper Fix and Upper Fix Extreme. These are sure to shred your arms, back, and shoulders.

And since Beachbody offers a free 2 week trial, why not try them out. Click here to stream the upper body workouts free!

Get More Information on Upper Body Workouts for Women

Okay, so I’ve said a mouthful. but we aren’t done yet. To get more information, check out our articles on arm exercises and other upper body workouts here. And remember–they’re all woman-specific!




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