45-15 Full Body Interval Workout

Looking for a full body workout for women that’s going to kick your butt? This workout will tone you from head to toe. Do it at home or in the gym. And the best part might be, there’s no trying to keep track of how many reps you’ve done or how many you need to do.

How It Works

In the 45-15 Full Body Workout, it’s all about time.

  1. Do the first exercise for 45 seconds.
  2. Rest for 15 seconds.
  3. Move onto the next exercise for 45 seconds.
  4. Rest 15 seconds.
  5. Continue in this manner until you have done one set of each exercise to complete the circuit.
  6. Rest 1-2 minutes after each circuit.
  7. Do 3 circuits.

What You Need

For this workout, there’s not a whole lot of equipment. All you need is a good set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a sturdy chair.

The Exercises

1. Dumbbell squat–Hold two dumbbells to your sides. Stick your butt back and keep your back straight. Keep legs shoulder width apart. Squat down until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Return to upright position. Make sure your knees don’t go in front of your toes.

2. Bent over rows–Hold two dumbells and slightly bend your knees. Careful to keep your back straight, bend at the waist until your upper body is almost parallel with the floor. Keep your arms extended hanging down. Slowly bring weights up to your sides. Pinch shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. Great exercise to build your back.

3. Burpees–Put the weights aside and stand in a squat position with knees slightly bent. Drop down to your hands and thrust your feet back into push-up position. Do a pushup. Bring your knees back in, carful to fire your abs. Explode up with a hop, arms up,  to return to starting position. The burpee will work everything from your arms and chest to your abs and legs.

4. Dumbbell deadlifts–Grasp two dumbbells and hold them to your sides. With knees slightly bent and back held straight, bend forward at the waist. Letting the weights hang in front of you, lower until almost 90 degrees. Return to upright position.

5. High knee twist run–Basically you are running in place, but there are two differences. First, you are bring your knees up to engage the core. Secondly, bring your arms up, as if blocking your face in a fight. As you bring each knee up, twist your torso to that the opposite elbow goes over that knee. This will engage the obliques and fight the muffin top as it burns fat away.

6. Upright rows–Shoulders plus back here. Stand up straight with two dumbells. Keeping them close to your body, bring the dumbbells straight up, almost to your chin. Hold momentarily at the top of the movement, then return to start for one rep.

7. Dumbbell lunge–Hold a dumbell on each side of you while standing up straight. Step forward with your right leg until your hamstring is parallel to the ground. Your back leg should bend but keep you stable, with your knee hovering over the ground. Make sure your right knee doesn’t come past your toe. Return to standing position and alternate. Great move for your thighs and glutes.

8. Tricep dips–Place a stable chair or bench behind you. Place both hands on the edge of the chair, shoulder width apart. Let your body slide down in front of the chair, allowing your arms to bend to about 90 degrees. With focus on your triceps, push yourself back up until arms are almost straight. That’s one tricep intensive rep.



Yes, you are timing yourself. But don’t rush. It’s quality over quantity here. Make sure that you pay special attention to form. 5 good reps trump 15 sloppy ones. Sloppy or rushed form can lead to injury.


Have any questions about the workout? Or would you like to share your experience? Tell us all about it–we’d like to hear!

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