The Best Workout Mirrors for Home Gyms (2021 Rankings)

workout mirrors for women

Workout mirrors are smart, futuristic devices that make it easier than ever before to get a quality workout from the comfort of your home.

What makes fitness mirrors unique is not only do they have a large screen (on average, 50–70 inches tall and a few feet wide) in the shape of a mirror, but they’re also reflective, allowing you to monitor your form while you’re streaming your workout. That means you’re less likely to get injured and you can feel confident knowing you’re doing all the moves in a safe, effective manner.

Fitness mirrors also possess many more features, apart from the basic reflection.

You’ll be able to simultaneously stream pre-recorded or live-broadcasted, guided workouts, and sessions with a certified trainer, who will monitor your movements, look for signs of struggle or fatigue, make real-time corrections to your form, and encourage you to not get lazy mid-workout – to ensure the most efficient and safe fitness routine.

These brilliant devices, which take almost no or little extra space, can be a gamechanger for any home gym.

But with so many workout mirrors on the market in 2021 from a variety of top brands, how can you make sure you choose the best one for your home gym?

We’ve analyzed and reviewed a number of the top fitness mirrors, ranking them on numerous factors including price, equipment included, features, and more.


What Are the Best Workout Mirrors for Home Gyms?

Here are our picks for the best workout mirrors for women to try in 2021:


Echelon Reflect

[lasso ref=”echelon-reflect-smart-connect-fitness-mirrors” id=”1451″ link_id=”1274″]

The Echelon Reflect home workout mirror features a touchscreen control. It is wall-mounted and will require minimum space.

You will see your reflection on the screen – to make sure that you exercise with the proper form and technique. Besides, you will see real-time data, for example, calories burned – to motivate you to work even harder.

A built-in camera will connect you with qualified personal trainers, who will instruct you for live sessions.

A selection of music tracks – from Hip Hop to K-Pop, from Metal to R&B – will keep you motivated, energized, or relaxed, depending on your mood and goals.

Key Features:

● Available in 40-inch and 50-inch HD touchscreen display models
● Live membership and on-demand classes
● Multiple training options: strength training, stretching, yoga, cardio, boxing, meditation, etc.
● Real-time data: calories burned, heart rate, etc.
● Will act as a piece of modern home decor in your interior
● Standard delivery


$949.99 for 40-inch model, $1,499 for 50-inch version. Membership isn’t included and is offered in the following plans: Monthly – $39.99, Annual – $399.99, 2 Year – $599.99.



tonal mirror

Instead of traditional metal weights, the Tonal fitness mirror and smart home gym use a sophisticated combination of magnets, electricity, and adjustable arms, with 200 pounds of resistance (100 pounds per arm) for a multitude of upper and lower body movements, targeting major muscle groups.

Tonal’s AI system will help you assess your current strength level and select appropriate weights for safe and efficient workouts.

Over a dozen of sensors provide real-time feedback on your technique and form, taking the guesswork out of your training, which is pretty close to face-to-face sessions with a personal trainer. Tonal will adapt to your physical capacity and automatically adjust the exercises, when necessary.

Key Features:

  • 24-inch interactive display
  • Membership with access to a large library of workouts
  • Users can join virtual workout groups
  • Includes 200 pounds of digital weights
  • Accessories (workout mat, roller, bench, ropes, smart bar and handles) can be purchased separately
  • Professional delivery and installation


$2,995 plus and additional $495 for smart accessories. $49/month for workouts membership.



forme life

The FORME Life fitness mirror is a perfect blend of design and functionality.

FORME Life fitness mirror offers two products for your home gym. Both products are reflective – so that you can always check your form while following along with a workout. The devices have two-way cameras and artificial intelligence: you get immediate feedback on your form.

Forme Studio is an entry-level workout mirror, offering a wide range of workouts, including dance, meditation, bodyweight and strength training, yoga, and more. It comes with a high-quality, non-slip yoga mat, heart rate monitor, exercise towel, and a few other accessories. You can purchase additional gear: including weights, ankle weights, barre, etc.

Forme Studio Lift is an actual exercise machine with independent motors for each arm for strength training. When you do not use the resistance training arms, they can be stowed, and the device instantly transforms into an elegant, sleek mirror.

Key Features:

  • Two models available: entry-level Studio and advanced Studio Lift
  • 43-inch UHD 4K display with touchscreen
  • Can be installed on the wall or mounted on the floor
  • Looks like an elegant, full-length mirror
  • FORME Life membership
  • Multiple classes: from yoga to strength training, barre, and meditation
  • Comes with weights and accessories: a non-slip yoga mat, heart rate monitor, and microfiber towel. The LIFT model also includes handles, short bar, rope handle, and ankle straps
  • Delivered and mounted by an installation team


Studio is $2,495, while the Studio Lift is $4,495. Membership is $39/month.


The Mirror

the mirror

The Mirror presents their product as a “nearly invisible home gym”. Which they are.

With its elegant and modern design, it will effortlessly blend with any style of interior as a classic, slender mirror. It will only take about two feet of your wall, so you do not need to worry about throwing away that sofa – to free up some space for this classy piece of home gym equipment.

The Mirror offers an extensive array of classes, in over 50 genres, with 24/7 access to your favorite workouts – to spice up your home workout routine.

An integrated, advanced camera technology in these workout mirrors will allow you to receive real-time feedback and keep track of your technique and form.

You can also pair with it certain heart rate monitors (Apple Watch, Polar, Garmin chest straps and some others) to track your heart rate and get an idea about your cardio fitness level.

Key Features:

  • 40-inch full HD 1080p display
  • Live and on-demand classes with Mirror membership
  • 50+ different genres, 5–60 minute classes, from beginner to expert levels
  • Comes with a one-year subscription and care kit
  • Only requires two feet of wall space for installation
  • Includes a stand mount
  • White glove delivery


From $1,495 to $1,845 depending on which accessories you choose to go with this workout mirror.


Tempo Studio

tempo studio

The definite benefit of the Tempo Studio workout mirrors is that even their “starter” version comes with a bunch of equipment: a 25-lb barbell, 7.5-lb dumbbells, color-coded plates from 1.25 to 10 lb, workout mat and foam roller. So, in case you do not have your own gear yet, this option might come handy.

The 3D Tempo Vision technique, using special sensors, learns about your body and goals – to deliver the best, most efficient and safe personal workouts for your progress and joy. You will get real-time feedback, professional instructions and see your progress – to keep you on track with your health and fitness vision.

Keep in mind that this fitness mirror will require a fair amount of space and is quite heavy: about six feet tall, 1’4″ deep, 100 pounds. On the plus side, it has an in-built, handy storage solution: to keep the weights and accessories neatly arranged and hidden when you do not need them, so that you do not stumble over your dumbbells on the way to the fridge.

Key Features:

  • 42-inch HD touchscreen
  • Membership with live and on-demand classes
  • Available in three packages: Starter (all the Tempo Studio tech, full library of classes, baseline equipment package), Plus (heavier weights, more equipment, premium accessories) and Pro (all-inclusive)
  • Personalized AI-powered workout guidance
  • White glove delivery


From $2,495 to $3,995 depending on which package you choose.


Are Home Fitness Mirrors Worth It?

The first thing you might notice about home workout mirrors is their price.

Yep, they are not cheap, starting at somewhere around $1,500 on average, and advancing in price with the number of additional features and benefits, like more versatile gear, higher number of workout videos, AI-generated recommendations based on your shape and movements, etc.

But while the initial sticker shock might be intense, it’s worth noting fitness mirrors offer a number of savings over the long term:

  • Save on a gym membership. You will not need to pay for gym membership, and, if your mirror includes free instructions from certified instructors, personal trainer’s services. If you pay for a personal trainer’s services about $200 a month (usually you pay more), a $2000 fitness mirror will start paying off in less than a year.
  • Save on commute. You will save money and time (which is also money) on commute to/from gym and city parking.
  • Save on gym wear. You can also save on fancy gym clothing: at home, you can exercise wearing whatever you want. Of course, if you still want to look cute, that’s your indisputable right!
  • Avoid the crowd. During the lockdowns, you might have realized that crowded gyms stress you out, and you prefer working out alone, in the confines of your comfy apartment.
  • Make your own schedule. You will not need to coordinate your schedule with your gym’s opening hours. Work out at any hour of day or night, when most of the coaches are usually asleep and do not accept clients.
  • Organize your own workouts. You can easily break down your workout into smaller segments, throughout the day, instead of taking a full two hours (not including all the time consumed by commute, dressing, showering, etc.) in a single bout. Just make a schedule for short breaks during your work-from-home day, and it will benefit not just your muscles and cardiovascular system, but also your eyes and brain, which will rest from the detrimental screen time.
  • Multitude of workout options. Benefit from the incredible versatility of online workouts, compared to other, more specialized home gym equipment like treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes/Peloton alternatives, and the like. Yoga, pilates, strength training, HIIT, boxing, barre, dance, cardio, stretching – those are just a few examples of the workouts you can choose from.
  • Takes close-to-zero space. It will not take a bunch of space: just hang it on the wall or put it on the floor near a wall. You do not need to figure out a whole separate room, or at least half a room (as, for example, for a treadmill) for a mirror workout to work.
  • Part of your home design. It looks good even when not in use and will organically blend with your home interior.


Our advice is: before opting in or out of a smart fitness mirror, sit down for 15 minutes, sip your coffee or protein shake and calculate: how much do you spend on your gym every month, including the cost of your own time? It will help you get a general idea: how soon this purchase would pay off.

Besides, consider this: are you a social gym person or a workout loner, enjoying private workouts?

It is also important to decide whether the mirror will cover all your workout needs. For example, if you need a 500-lb barbell for squatting and deadlifting, even the uber-sophisticated mirror will probably not replace it. Not today, at least – and the future will show.


What to Look for When Choosing the Best Workout Mirror

Before you choose a workout mirror for your home gym, here are a few things you’ll want to consider to find your best option:

  • Setup and installation. Think about how much space you want to dedicate to this piece of equipment. Most home fitness mirrors are wall-mounted and extremely compact; however, some are free-standing, which means that they will take up more space. Besides, figure out whether installation is included in the cost.
  • App. Some fitness mirrors are controlled with a touchscreen interface, others – through an app on your smartphone. To make your experience as smooth and pain-free as possible, the app, which controls the mirror, should be easy to navigate and use. You should not be spending hours upon hours trying to figure out where to find a workout.
  • Gear. Some mirrors come with gear: weights, resistance bands, rollers, blocks and so on. Do you need it? Or have you already assembled a decent collection of weights and workout accessories?
  • Workouts, personal trainers, training plans. When choosing a mirror, look at what kind of workouts it offers. Do they meet your fitness needs? Are the classes taught by qualified, certified instructors? Will you be able to work out on your own, without an instructor? Does the app offer training plans?
  • Music. What kind of music does the device offer, and can you use your own soundtracks? Is it possible to adjust the volume of the background music and the voice of the personal trainer separately?
  • Quality of content. Does the content look, sound and feel professional and high quality? Is it attractive to the eye and fits the purposes of the device? Are the instructions comprehensible and easy-to-follow?
  • Test ride. Some of the best exercise mirror producers offer tryout periods: so that you have time to figure out how they work and whether they fit your purposes. If you decide that it is not your cup of tea, you can return such a mirror within a reasonable time period (usually, about a month).

Have you tried any of the workout mirrors on the market today? Share your experiences by commenting below.