Spartan Race Announces Labor Day Discounts

spartan race labor day sale

Editor’s note: The Labor Day sale has ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still sign up. Check out races is in your area here!


Spartan Race recently announced discounted rates for signups on Labor Day weekend. The sale, which lasts through September 9, offers:

  • $20 off any US Spartan Sprint
  • $30 off any US Spartan Super
  • $40 off any US Spartan Beast

To get the discount, all you need to do is click here and use the code “LABORDAY” at checkout. 

What is the Spartan Race?

Maybe you’ve heard about the Spartan Race, but aren’t exactly sure what it is. The Spartan Race is an ongoing series of races that feature various obstacles. Races range from 5K length to half-marathon. Races are extremely popular in the US, and can be found in other countries like Canada, Australia, some European countries, and more.

What sort of obstacles might you find? Fire, water, mud, barbed wire…you get the picture. It’s some crazy ass stuff that’s going to push you to the limits for sure. But hey, it’s going to be fun too!

Quick Guide to Spartan Race Types

Not sure which race to sign up for? Here’s a quick explanation of each:

#1 Spartan Sprint–Features ~3 miles and 20+ obstacles. Think 5K on steroids. The ideal place for rookies starting out or someone just looking to have a good time.

#2 Spartan Super–8 miles and more than 25 obstacles, this one will test your endurance.

#3 Spartan Beast–The name says it all. 13 miles, 30 obstacles…you’re going to push your body (and spirit) to the limit.

Sign Up for the Spartan Race and Save Now

Ready to have some fun, test your fitness, and put your body to the limit? Then use the code “LABORDAY” and sign up here today!

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