3 Tips to Stay Motivated Exercising in 2019

tips to stay motivated in 2016

Anyone can start a fitness program. But few can stick with them through the honeymoon phase. With that in mind, here are a few tips to stay motivated.

1. Take progress photos. There’s nothing like seeing physical results. But without a starting point to refer back to, sometimes it’s difficult to realize those results. By taking photos, you can compare side by side and see physical evidence of how your body has changed.

2. Get a workout partner. Going it alone can be…well, lonely. But when you have a partner, working out can be more fun and you have someone to keep you accountable.

3. Don’t skip workouts. Sometimes life gets in the way and we skip workouts. However, once you let life win, it’s easier to let it happen again. So stick to your guns.

Of course, sometimes there are legit reasons to skip. How can you tell? Check out this article to help you determine.’


Use Beachbody on Demand to Stay Motivated

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We recommend you sign up for Beachbody on Demand to help stay motivated. What’s Beachbody on Demand? Imagine if Netflix was a fitness app. That’s Beachbody on Demand. For only a little over $12 a month, you can stream unlimited workouts from your computer, phone, or streaming device. There’s a library of hundreds of workouts so you never get bored.

Not only that, but you’ll get meal plans, workout schedules, and plenty more to keep you get motivated. With well-known workouts like Insanity, P90X, and more, there’s plenty to keep you on the path to fitness.

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Have More Tips to Stay Motivated Exercising?

What’s keeping you motivated? We want to hear all your tips for staying motivated when you get in those workout doldrums. Comment and share!

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