6 Benefits of Yoga for Women

benefits of yoga for womenIf you’re looking to feel better mentally and physically, I recommend that you add yoga into your daily routine for many reasons. Check out 6 of the top benefits below:

  1.  Alleviate stressAccording to WebMD, too much stress can lead to anything from mental health issues to obesity and more. The fact is that stress can keep you from leading a healthy life in many ways. But yoga is a great way to deal with the stress. I suggest beginning our day with a yoga routine to set the tone for your day. If you can’t, maybe try it right after work so you can wind down before you get home.
  2. Get better sleep—When you have less stress, you sleep better. When you exercise, you sleep better. Yoga in particular, with its calming effects, can really help you get into that deep sleep that so many of us have difficulty with. And increasing your flexibility can also help relieve you of some of those aches you get upon waking.
  3. Relieve back pain—Tight muscles and weak cores lead to lower back pain. However, as you get into yoga, you will find your hamstrings loosening and your core getting stronger. The result? Lower back pain can subside.
  4. Better posture—Correct posture can stave off back pain and make you feel more confident. However, a long day slumped over at a desk can have negative impacts on your posture. Since many yoga poses focus on keeping your back straight and squeezing your core, you can fix those posture problems.
  5. Get lean—Yoga is notorious for building long, lean muscles. In other words, it’s great for building a sexy body.
  6. Clear your mind—with so much going on, you may find your head so crammed full of thoughts that you can’t concentrate on anything. Doing yoga gives you a chance to center yourself and clear your head. This is crucial for mental sharpness. 

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