How to Modify the Power Jump in Insanity So It Doesn’t Hurt Your Knees

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Don’t want a knee replacement? Try this.

Insanity…the tried and true video workout for helping women melt fat off like butter. It’s pretty much impossible to do the program and not get awesome results. However, for some women it’s pretty much impossible to complete the program at all.

Why? I have two words for you: power jumps. What’s the problem? Well, they kick your butt in a good way, but they can also really take a toll on your knees.

And unlike Shaun’s newer videos, there is no modifier showing you alternate moves to make things a bit easier.

So does that mean you can’t complete Insanity if it hurts your knees? Not necessarily. Read below and get some suggestions on how to modify things a bit to help you get through the program and get the results you crave.


Before we move on, please keep in mind that we are discussing moderate knee pain due to the shock caused by high impact moves. If you think that you have a serious knee problem, you should probably discontinue the program and see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. If your doctor gives you the green light, then you can try our suggestions. Nothing sucks like injuring your knees!

Shaun T’s Newer Workouts

One of the beauties of some of Shaun’s newer workouts is that he includes one person who modifies the moves for you. I believe he started this with Focus T25. Insanity Max 30 has the modifier as well. This is especially great because it takes all the guess work out of modifying.

Modifying The Power Jump

The power jump is one of Shaun T’s most difficult go-to moves. It works your entire lower body, from core to calves. And when you have to bust out one after another, it also sends your heart rate through the roof. Sounds great, right?

The problem is that it can hurt. And I don’t mean the it-hurts-so-good kind of hurt. The shock from repeating such a jump can really take a toll on your knees along with hips and ankles. Not to mention when you are going all out towards the end if your Insanity workout, dripping sweat everywhere, there’s a very real risk of falling.

Shaun spends a lot of time telling you to land with your knees like springs. Easier said than done. Especially when you’re trying to fo all out, you tend to get a bit sloppy.

Luckily, if you want to stick with the workouts but can’t continue with the power jumps, you can very easily swap them for something different. We recommend any variation of the squat.

1. Standard Squat–Stand and squat down until you reach parallel. Keep your butt back.

2. Power Squats– A quick, hopping squat. See Shaun perform this move here:

3. Frog Jumps–Squat and hop forward, touching the grounds. Try it like in this video, minus the burpee part.

4. Diamond Jump–Stiil intense. Still difficult. But you aren’t bringing your knees up so high, so they won’t have the same impact.

Have any other suggestions for moves to sub in for power jumps? Tell us in the replies!

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