Should Women Take Creatine?

Creatine is a popular supplement for people looking to put on muscle mass. It provides your body’s cells with energy, most notably the cells in your muscles. The result is you can workout harder and gain muscle faster. Sounds great, right? However, creatine has a reputation for being a “man’s supplement.” Furthermore, many women skip it, afraid it’s going to make them gain weight. So the question is, should women be taking creatine? Or is this a “boys-only” sort of deal?

The Benefits of Creatine Aren’t Exclusive to Males


The idea that creatine is a man’s supplement is completely bunk. The fact is that it will do the exact thing for your body that it will do for a man’s body. You’ll get the same energy and you’ll reap the same muscle-building effects. So if you’ve bought into the boys-only myth, it may be time you reconsidered.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Creatine Before You Start Taking It

  • Don’t take it if you’re hypoglycemic. Always read the warning levels. It’s possible that creatine can affect insulin levels.
  • If you aren’t training hard, don’t take it. This isn’t a supplement to take if you are just walking a few miles on the treadmill every day. Creatine is for those who are hitting it hard on a regular basis. Unless you want to puff up.
  • Certain types of creatine cause more bloating. Most women deal with bloating, which creatine is notorious for exacerbating. That said, look into different types of creatine that are easier on the bloating, such as CEE, magnesium creatine chelate, or creatine HcL.

If You’re Going to Use It, Use It Right

Remember, there are no miracle drugs. Creatine is a supplement–in other words, it should supplement a good workout routine and well-balanced diet. We’d advise waiting to use it until you get those two things in check.

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