Should You Exercise During Your Period?

should women exercise on their period?Whether you already work out on a regular basis or you’re just about to begin an exercise routine, many women wonder if it’s safe and healthy to work out when they’re on their period. It’s normal and common for women to experience some discomfort while on their period, but when it comes down to it, whether or not you should exercise during this time is up to the personal preference of the woman. In fact, the only kind of exercise that might potentially cause health problems when done on your period is any type of “inverted pose” in yoga. This means any pose that requires your feet to be above your head.


It won’t hurt your body to work out, but don’t push yourself too hard if you’re feeling especially fatigued or out of sorts. You won’t get a good work out in if you’re feeling too sick anyway, and there’s plenty of time to continue your strict workout regimen when you’re feeling better again. The only rule you may want to keep in mind is the “rule of two.” This rule simply states that you should never go more than two days without some sort of exercise. It’s important to abide by this rule of thumb even if the exercise is light and not too intensive, because it will keep you in the habit and your routine will not be disrupted too much.

Cons of exercising during your period

  • Possibly more discomfort— If you’re experiencing painful cramps, these can be amplified when you begin working out. Quick movements and jostling your body may not be the best thing when your cramps are super painful. To avoid increasing pain and discomfort, try sticking with exercises that are easier on your body until you are back in full commission.  


  • Less effective workouts— Because of the cramps and discomfort that you may be experiencing, your workouts might not be as vigorous and effective as they normally are. While this can’t really be helped, it’s important not to get discouraged and keep in mind that you’ll be able to work out normally once more in a few days.


Pros of exercising during your period

  • No break in regimen— If you continue to work out even during your menstrual cycle, your exercise routine won’t be disrupted at all. This will keep you ready and in the habit.  


  • Can help with fatigue— Some studies show that exercise can actually help you feel better and lessen the effects of menstruation. As long as you find an exercise that isn’t too strenuous, you’re good to go.

Do you skip workouts during your time of the month? Or do you push through? Tell us about it in the replies!

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