Why Your Workout Is NOT Working

You’ve been working your butt off . Sweating out those calories one by one . Maybe you’re even on the best workout streak of your life .

But something’s wrong. The scale says you haven’t lost weight. The mirror isn’t showing any real signs of progress. The pants fit the exact same.

What’s the deal? Why isn’t your workout working?

Good question. There are a few things that could be going wrong. Let’s take a look at the possibilities:

1. You’re close to your period. in The Four Hour Body, Tim Ferris says that girls should never try to measure progress when close to starting their period. Unfortunately, that’s when we tend to critique our body the most, so we are looking for results . Fight the urge! During this time, your body is all off and holding water. Do yourself a favor and measure progress far away from period time .

2. You don’t have a caloric deficit.. Here’s something I think a lot of people don’t realize. You can workout an hour a day, but if your diet is crap, you can’t expect your body to experience a significant change. To burn fat, you need to make sure you have a caloric deficit. In other words, you need to make sure that the calories you’re consuming, minus the calories you’re burning working out, will be low enough to help you lose weight.

3. You’re eating too many carbs. I’m not saying you need to start the Atkin’s diet, but one of the quickest ways to lose fat is to cut your carb intake. Cut out extra sugar and processed grains. You may also want to cut dairy. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and green veggies.

Having difficulty getting results? Let’s talk about what’s going wrong in the comments section!


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