Ab Workouts for Women in a Hurry

ab workouts for womenYou know what the number one excuse for not exercising is? Time. Let’s face it–we’re a busy bunch of women. In fact, I’d venture to say that we’re busier than ever before. We have more things to cram in our schedule than will actually fit. So when we try to fit exercise into the equation, well, it’s not exactly easy.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that for many of us, when we look down there’s a pooch. And trust me when I say, you don’t have to make time to make that pooch get bigger. Had a baby? Well, then things are even more difficult for you, aren’t they?

With that in mind, how can we make time in our packed schedules to tone up the tummy area? Great question…here’s our guide for ab workouts for women.

2 Ab Workouts for Women with Little-to-No Time

Here’s a tough pill you’re going to have to swallow. Ready? You will always be too busy to exercise. That being said, you have to quit letting a lack of time keep you from toning your belly. Here are a few ab workouts you can squeeze into your day. If you need to spread them out, by all means do so. Just look for a few free minutes here or there and you’re bound to get some result.

1. The Plank–The plank is right up there with squats and push-ups as the best body weight exercises ever invented. In fact, it’s one of the best ab workouts for women, men, whoever. Why? Not only does it kill the abs, but it really does give you a total body workout. Not to mention, there are countless variations to help you change things up and confuse your muscles.

But to start with the basics, lay on the floor and prop yourself up on your forearms. Flex your toes and raise your lower body. You want to make a straight line from the top of your head to your feet. Suck that belly button into your spine and squeeze your butt. You can do reps of anywhere from 15-60 seconds. I typically hold for a minute and repeat 3 times.

Want more variations? Check out the Plank School on YouTube.

2. Oblique Plank Crunches

I’m not a huge fan of crunches, but these aren’t your average crunch. Now it’s important to note that when it comes to toning your tummy, you can’t just focus on the front bulge. As many of us are well aware, there’s another problem that creeps up from the sides–the muffin top. So to really accentuate that toned tummy, you have to work on the obliques. Enter oblique crunches.

Essentially what you’re going to do here is a one armed sideways plank. Lie down on your right side and while keeping your body in a straight line, prop yourself up on your right forearm. This is the plank. Now for the crunch, simply lower and raise your hips, slowly. You can also do the same move, but raise up off your forearm so that the supporting arm is straight. I typically do 20 reps, then switch sides, for a total of 3 sets.

Want more instruction? Watch this useful video.

Have 10 Minutes? Watch This

Believe it or not, simply giving up 10 minutes a few days a week could make a big impact on that belly. Don’t believe me? Then give this a try. The video below by FitnessBlender gives you 10 minutes of ab and oblique work. It’s low impact and easy enough to be accessible for those not used to ab work, but difficult enough to provide a challenge. It’s also very easy to follow, as it provides 10 45 second exercises, allowing 15 seconds rest time in between. Give it a try!



(Food) Disclaimer

Remember the old saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” While it’s not 100% true (you definitely need to spend some time doing specific ab workouts), for women it’s crucial that we pay attention to what we’re eating. Why? Because our bodies are designed to hold more fat. So yes, you need to burn those abs, but you also need to get smarter about food choices.

Am I saying go on a diet? Nope. Just make a conscious effort to:

  • cut down on the dairy
  • avoid processed snack foods (crackers and similar things)
  • think high protein, low carb

A little really does go a long way!

Questions about ab workouts for women? Ask in the comments section!


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