Want a Free Burpee Exercise Video? Here are 3!

Burpees are great exercises that work most of your major muscle groups. And they require no weights! They’re ideal for the woman looking to:

  • tone her legs
  • strengthen her abs
  • lift her chest
  • burn off the arm fat

If you’re looking to learn more about burpees, including how to do a proper one, there are plenty of free online workout videos to help you out. Let’s take a look at a few free burpee exercise videos:

1. Beginner Free Burpee Exercise Video
Not sure you can handle the all-out exercise? Here’s a modified version. There’s not a whole lot of discussion on form here, though. So make sure you pay close attention to yours.

2. How to Do a Burpee

Great tutorial. This free burpee exercise video teaches you to go slow and controlled. Very important.

3. Killer Burpee Workout

Want to be a burpee master? This workout is dubbed the 100 Burpee Challenge because, well, you do 100 burpees. There are variations though, to keep you interested (and working tons of muscles). It will also get your heart rate up, which is great for cardiovascular health. Did I mention that it walks you through the entire workout?

What do you think about the free burpee exercise videos? And did you complete the 100 burpee challenge? Tell us about it in the replies!

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