Are Ankle Weights Bad for Women to Use?

ankle weights for womenIf you exercise regularly, you are probably extremely familiar with all of the different views and opinions that exist regarding safe and proper exercise methods. The timeless crunch debate and whether you should perform this exercise move with hands supporting your head or arms across your chest is just one such argument. The use of ankle weights and whether or not they are bad to use is another such debate. Although any type of exercise has the potential of being dangerous if not done correctly, ankle weights are safe for most people, if used properly. The key is learning how to appropriately apply these types of weights to your regular exercise routine.


How to use ankle weights safely:

  • First, be sure ankles are healthy enough— Before adding any ankle weights to your regime, you may want to check with a doctor to make sure your ankles are in optimal working condition. Ask them if your joints and muscles are healthy and strong enough to take on this additional strain.


  • Select the right ankle weight for you— Ankle weights for women come in many different brands, sizes, and styles. You’ll want to be sure the ankle weights you use are tight enough to stay on, but not tight enough to cut off or decrease blood flow. Experiment with different weights and see which ones you like best.


  • Choose a manageable weight size— Don’t try to overdo it, especially if it’s your first time using weights. Start small and build your way up in order to avoid hurting yourself or straining muscles too much.


  • Stop ankle weight use if pain or discomfort occurs— If you start experiencing any type of pain or discomfort in your ankles after adding the weights, discontinue using them until you find out what’s wrong. While you simply may just be using them incorrectly, something could seriously be wrong with your ankles. It’s better to play it safe than be sorry later.

If you have bad ankles, have had surgery on your ankles, or your ankles are injured, ankle weights may not be the best type of weight to add to your routine. Be sure you are only taking on what you and your body can handle.

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