Top 4 Myths That Keep Women from Lifting Weights

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It’s a fact: women should lift weights. However, most women don’t want to lift. here’s a look at the top myths that might be keeping YOU from lifting, and why you should ignore them!

Myth #1: If I Lift Weights, I’m Going to Bulk Up.


I’ve found that the main reason women don’t want to lift weights, much less heavy weights, is because they’re scared they’re going to look like a man. Take my word for it, if you don’t look manly now, strength training isn’t going to change that. If anything, it’s going to work on your good curves and make you look more sexy. The reason you won’t bulk up is because:

  • You don’t have enough testosterone. Women’s bodies simply don’t respond to weight lifting the same way that a man’s will. All those women bodybuilders you see are taking testosterone to get that big. Incidentally, that’s why they look more manly all around.
  • You probably aren’t eating enough. To bulk up, you have to increase your calories dramatically. If you don’t, your muscles won’t continue to get bigger.

Myth #2: Free Weights Are for Guys. Women Should Stick to Machines.

Not true. The machines are fine…if you aren’t serious about looking your best. There are many more benefits to lifting free weights–for women too. See, machines typically focus on a specific muscle group. But when you lift free weights, other muscles fight to keep you in good form. Lifting free weights also helps you strengthen your core, which helps your posture and alleviates back issues.

Myth #3: Women Need to Concentrate More on Their Lower Body.

Since most women tend to be self conscious about their lower bodies, it’s no wonder that they assume that’s what they should focus on. So often women that do lift weights opt for all the exercises that work the butt and legs. Not that you shouldn’t be working your lower body (do those squats!), but you want to be balance.

Just like the meathead at the gym with chicken legs, you don’t want to be the women with the bubble booty and the flabby arms. A good women’s weight lifting  program, like Strong Curves, will be equal parts upper, lower, and core.

Myth #4: Cardio Is Enough to Keep Me Fit and Healthy.

 Cardio is great for your heart. However, have you ever noticed the girl running on the treadmill that still looks the same as she did a million years ago? Or how about the die hard runner who looks like a walking corpse? The fact is, cardio is not enough. If you want to burn fat but accentuate your womanly figure, you need to mix weight lifting into the routine.

What other myths keep women from lifting weights?

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