Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack Review: Level 1

Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six PackLooking to burn that belly off and reveal the six pack underneath? Then you might be interested in some of Jillian Michaels’ workouts.This free workout comes from the Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack DVD. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of what you can expect–the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Equipment Needed


The Warm Up (~4 minutes)

1. Basically, you are walking in place with exaggerated movements, bringing your knees up one at a time while simultaneously stretching the opposite arm into the sky.

2. Begin with feet shoulder width apart and arms stretched to the sky. Squat down and cross arms to touch the floor.

3.  Standing straight up with hands together reaching to the sky. Bring your left foot up and forward like a front kick while bending at the waist to touch your toes with both hands. Return to starting position. Alternate.

4. Stand with arms behind your head as if you’re being arrested. Step forward and lunge. Return to starting position and alternate.

5. With one hand, clasp around the other wrist. Bend arms and hold out in front of you. Keep feet planted firmly and twist in each direction.

The Workout (~28 Minutes)

The workout is composed of high intensity intervals divided into two fairly long circuits.

Circuit One (~15 minutes)

1. Standing knee crunches– Feet shoulder width apart, hold one dumbbell overhead with elbows slightly bent. Bring knee up while bring elbows down to meet. Alternate.

2. Backwards lunges with back extension—Hold the dumbbell down in front of you and lunge back. When in the lunge, lift the weight up over your head and reach back. Alternate.

3. Squat thrusts—Begin with arms stretched out in the air. Bend down and place hands on ground. Fire legs back into push-up position (but don’t do a push-up). Bring legs back in. Hop up. Repeat.

4. Squat rotations—Hold the dumbbell with elbows bent and hands in front of chest. Squat down. When you come up, bring one knee up and twist upper body in the direction of the knee. Alternate.

5. Side lunge with bend—Hold weight overhead. Lunge to one side. Holding weight up, bend upper body over in direction of lunge and tap elbow to knee. Return to starting position and alternate.

6. Long lever crunches—Lie down on mat with right arm and right leg extended. Left arm folded behind head, left leg bent. Crunch, bringing right arm and right leg up.

7. Superman lat pull—Lie face down on mat with arms extended. Lift upper body and legs. Bring arms back in lat pull.

8. Long lever crunches—Same thing but other side of body.

9. Double leg stretch—While on the mat, bring both knees up. Stretch arms straight back. Bring them out wide and around while stretching legs out. Bring  arms back and pull knees in while crunching up.

10. Side crunches—Lie on one side with both knees bent. Lay out the base arm. Line heels up with butt. Put top arm up with hand behind your head. Crunch up, bringing top knee up to meet your elbow. When you return, extend leg completely, keeping it elevated off ground to keep muscles engaged.

11. Diagonal get-ups—Line on back. Extend leg and opposite arm. Like long lever crunch, but bringing opposite arm and leg together.

12. Caterpillars—She describes this as a walking plank. Bend down and touch hands to the ground, keeping your knees as straight as you can. Now walk out into an extended plank. Return.

13. Side crunches—Opposite side.

14. Diagonal get-ups—Opposite side.

15. Side plank knee raises—Get into side plank with supporting am fully extended. Extend upper arm as well. Top foot should be in front of bottom. Bring bottom knee up and in. Then return.

16. Spider planks—In high plank position, bring your right knee to your elbow. Return and alternate.

17. Mountain climbers—In high plank position, bring knees into chest, alternating.

18. Side plank knee raises—Opposite side.

19. Bridge kicks—Lie on back with knees up and arms down along the side of you. Bring hips up into bridge and kick with right leg. Return to floor and repeat with other leg.

Circuit 2 (~13 minutes)

The second circuit is basically the same thing. However, it’s a faster pace this time around. You know how the exercises go, so Jillian isn’t messing around. She expects you to fly through it, giving it everything you have.

The Cool Down (~4 minutes)

1. Upward facing dog–Lie on stomach and push up with arms. Stretch head up. Return to floor.

2. Child pose–On knees, push butt back, and bring upper body to ground with arms out stretched.

3. Shoulder stretches—Sit with legs crossed. Bring one arm across body while using other hand to stretch it further. Switch.

4. While still sitting, bring hands behind your body, interlock fingers, and push chest out.

5. Place feet in front with knees bent. Put your hands under thighs. Round your back.

6. Extend one leg out straight, with other knee bent and foot to thigh. Touch toe.

7. Grab the top of the foot while bending leg. Lean in opposite direction with opposite hand supporting. Pull through the quad. Come down onto elbow.

8. Sit back up. Bring knee up and place foot over other leg. Twist in direction of knee.

9. Repeat last three stretches in other direction.

The Pros

  • Provides realistic modifier. This video really hits different levels. The modifier keeps things realistic for a beginner who isn’t looking to get burned out or to hurt themselves. On the other hand, the advanced model does some pretty difficult stuff.
  • Jillian is clear about what you should be doing. And she gives good tips along the way.
  • Works both sides of core. Often ab workout videos fail to hit the lower back, even though lower back strength is just as crucial as ab strength for a balanced body.
  • Free! You don’t have to pay for this workout! How is that not a positive?
  • It’s short. Around 35 minutes—this isn’t going to take you all day.

The Cons

  • This is cardio, which is what you really need to burn that belly fat and show your six pack. However, I’ve read some customer reviews who felt misinformed because they thought this video would comprise more strength movements focused specifically on the ab muscles. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you may be disappointed. However, honestly, if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re probably misinformed.
  • Sometimes I feel like form is compromised in the video. For example, on the plank jacks, the “extras” are bending knees and it seems like hips are dropping. I would like to have seen a little more emphasis on correct form.
  • The advanced model sometimes seems to be doing movements that are too difficult for her. Maybe it’s just me. However, if a movement is too difficult, it seems like Jillian should encourage her to take a brief break and get back into it, rather than compromising form.

Try It for Yourself

Here’s the entire 35 minute video for free. Try it out!

Purchase the DVD with All the Workouts

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