Top TRX Workout Videos for Women

TRX is a suspension training exercise system that uses your own body weight to help you get stronger, improve your balance, and strengthen your core. To perform TRX workouts, you need a TRX Suspension Trainer. If you don’t yet have it, Amazon has a great bundle with the entire system, including workout guide and video, here.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re really serious about your TRX training, Amazon has a complete TRX Performance DVD & Guide worth checking out here.

One of the best things about this workout system is that there are tons of TRX workout videos online that show you various workouts for free. Of course, it’s hard to pick through them all to find the best–especially if you are looking for videos specific to women’s needs. That being said, we here at WFHQ have pulled together a list of our top 5 TRX workout videos for women. Check them out!

#1 30 Minute TRX Workout–BodyFit by Amy

We here at WFHQ are big fans of BodyFit by Amy videos. Why? They’re well-produced and easy to hear. Not to mention, she’s excellent at breaking things down, explaining how moves work, and showing you what they should look like. Simply put, she puts out some of the best online workouts for women.

This is our favorite of the TRX workout videos for a few reasons. First, it’s pretty basic, in that the moves are doable the first time around. But don’t take that to mean it’s an easy workout. It’ll definitely kick your butt. Secondly, she includes modifiers. So if you can’t complete the exercise because it hurts or you just aren’t capable, she gives you other options. It’s also a full 30-minute workout, which is plenty for your necessary daily caloric burn.

#2 TRX Tabata Workout–Fitness with PJ

PJ bills herself as “The Tough Love Trainer for the Not so Tough.” Whatever you want to call her, there’s something down-to-earth and genuine about her. She’s not some super sexy fitness model–she’s a normal looking woman who is physically fit. There’s something refreshing about it.

Anyway, this TRX video is a tabata workout. What is tabata? A tabata workout is high intensity, giving both health and weight-loss benefits. This video is just all around killer. It starts off with a good warm up. She includes modifiers because she “leaves no woman behind.” It’s easy to follow along and easy to understand what is going on. It doesn’t have the production quality of the BodyFit by Amy videos, but you’ll get just as good a workout!

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#3 25 Minute TRX Workout Combining TRX Suspension & HIIT–BodyFit by Amy

What do you know, another BodyFit by Amy TRX workout video. What can we say? They’re great. This one combines standard TRX exercises with HIIT. If you’ve read much on WFHQ, you’ll know we are big fans of high intensity interval training. That’s why we recommend sprints over long runs, for example.

Anyway, if you want to keep your heart beatting faster longer, give this video a try. But be prepared to sweat…a lot.

#4 20 Minute TRX Full Body Workout–Ultimate Pilates

We like this TRX workout video for a few reasons. First of all, there’s a trainer and someone else doing the TRX exercises. Why does that matter? Because it allows the workouts to keep moving, while one person is actually working out and the other explains what’s going on. This keeps things moving, allowing you to both see and understand what’s happening.

There’s also a timer going constantly that lets you know when you’re going to switch moves. This can be very motivating, as it gives you an idea of how much longer you have to push through an exercise. Finally, this is truly a full body workout that will have you sore from head to toe. All in 20 minutes!



Try the TRX Workout Videos Now

There you have it. Our top 5 favorite. TRX workout videos. As you can see, these workouts will really kick your butt into shape. Don’t yet have a TRX system? No problem. Order yours here now!

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