Why You Need to Shift Your Focus Away from Weight


People are making a killing off of weight loss programs. And if you’re like most of us, well, you’re part of the reason those people are making a killing. And if you have given them your money, odds are you didn’t see lasting results. Odds are you did NOT get your money’s worth.

Are all those plans bad? Not necessarily. But most of them ARE gimmicky. And most of them feed off a simple desire– a desire to drop weight fast.

But what if we switched our thinking? What if we decided to no longer focus on the numbers on our scales. WHAT IF we got rid of our scales altogether?

Here’s what would happen:

  • We’d stick to our fitness plans more often. Because weight can fluctuate. We gain and lose water every month, for God’s sake. But if we weren’t focused on an ever-changing number, well we’d pay more attention to how we felt. Weight is an arbitrary number that means different things for different people. Different body types.
  • We’d change society’s perception of women. The media has made us all hyper-focused on weight. Before the media took over, there simply was not such an obsession. Look back at the paintings from the renaissance. You don’t see any emaciated models.

What We SHOULD Focus On

Rather than obsessing over your weight, try looking at these things:

  • Your measurements. Take them all–waist, shoulders, arms, thighs…you name it.
  • Progress photos. Nothing like seeing actual results!
  • How you feel. There’s nothing like the high you get after working out. And when you start noticing how little things like climbing stairs get easier, it makes it all worth it.
  • Your caloric intake. Make sure you are getting the proper calories. Not too many, but not too little either.

Are you having trouble getting away from the “watching your weight” mentality? Talk to us about it!

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