You Can NOT Target Fat Loss

ID-100116193I’m fed up with it. Over and over I see titles of articles claiming you can focus fat loss in one area. Burn fat from your belly. Burn fat from you butt.

Look, it’s a myth. Straight up. You simply can’t control where you lose fat from. Here’s what you can control…

  • Your Body Fat Percentage–While there is no way to determine where you will lose fat from, you can control how much fat you lose. However, we’re talking about on an overall, macrolevel. The problem is, your genetics determine where your body likes to store fat. It’s not lik certain types of food convert t fat in a specific area of your body. And the reverse is true. When you birn calories, you have no say so where the fat comes from first.
  • Muscle growth in particular areas–Now you can use specific exercises to target which muscles you will work, and thus which muscles will grow. Why might you find this useful? Well, for example, some women wish to burn fat from their butt, but we know that isn’t true. Instead, they might concentrate on reducing overall body fat and then working on upper body muscles to balance out the body.

And of course, as we preach nonstop, it all comes down to your diet. You need to have a caloric deficit to remove fat. Wants you remove the fat layers, you can concentrate on sculpting your body through strength training. For example, say you lose a bunch of weight, get skiny, and are left with a flat rear. Well, then you can load up the weights on squats and lunges, run some sprints, and begin to build those glutes.

But bottom line–you can NOT target where you burn fat.


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