Top Arm Exercises for Women to Get Rid of Arm Fat

arm exercises for women to get rid of arm fatWant to wear that sleeveless top, but too self-conscious about your arms? You’re not alone. It’s important that we focus on our upper bodies along with our lower. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the top 3 arm exercises for women looking to get rid of arm fat.

Note: Remember, you can’t spot-reduce fat. To really burn fat, you need to change your diet and get on a good full-body workout plan. These exercises will target muscles groups to accentuate the muscles in your arms.


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Top 4 Arm Exercises for Women at Home

Looking for a few of our favorite arm exercises for women? Check out these moves you can do at home.

1. Overhead tricep extension–This arm exercise move requires a dumbbell. Grip the dumbbell in both hands and raise it over your head. Bend at the elbows and lower the weight behind you. Raise the weight back up for one rep. Keep the upper half of your arm vertical throughout. This works well with a kettlebell too. And if you don’t have any weights at home, you can use virtually anything. For example, a jug of water.

Watch this video from YouTube to work on your form. But I’d suggest heavier weight then they are using if you can manage to really burn that arm fat.


2. Bench dips–Face away from the bench. Place your hands behind you on the edge of the bench. Move your feet out in front of you until your butt is on level with the bench. However, don’t actually sit on the bench. Your arms should be supporting you while your butt is slightly away from the bench. Now lower yourself down and back up for one rep. Note, don’t go so low that it hurts your elbows or shoulders.

Don’t have a bench? No worries. An ottoman or a sturdy chair should do the job. Just make sure whatever you use is secure. You can even just do dips on the floor if you like.


3. Push-ups (elbow back)–Just like a regular push-up, except you want to position your arms to where your elbows go back as you go down, rather than out. This will force it to work your triceps more, making it one of our favorite arm exercises for women. You can also try a diamond push-up if you are up to the challenge. The below YouTube video shows how to modify this exercise to make it easier.

4. Chin-ups–When working your arms, it’s important to focus on pull motions as well to target your biceps. And while you might want to do bicep curls (and that’s fine) it’s worth noting that there are other moves that hit more muscles and give you bang for your buck. That’s why we like chin-ups as one of the best arm exercises for women. Like a pull-up, you hang from a bar and pull yourself up. However, with a chin up, your palms face you. This allows you to engage your biceps more. However, you’re also having to tense your core and engage your back muscles at the same time, allowing you to hit a lot of muscles.

No pull-up bar? You can order one to go in a doorway for really cheap like this one on Amazon. You can also substitute rows under a sturdy table, although we think real chin-ups is the way to go. Can’t do a chin-up? Then do negatives. Simply jump above the bar and lower yourself as slowly as you can. That’s one rep. Below is a great video on how to do a chin-up.


A Note on Targeting to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Remember, you can’t choose to burn fat off your arms. In fact, you can’t choose where you burn fat, period. The only choices you can make are to burn fat, wherever it leaves first, and to target muscle groups to work on. That said, make sure you work on cutting your calories if you are looking to get rid of arm fat.

Looking for more upper body focus? Check out this guide on upper body workouts for women. And if you have a set of dumbbells, you’ll want to look at our dumbbell workouts for women guide too. We also recommend trying out boxing!

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